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Bag’ems product range has been made with the combined, unrivalled knowledge and expertise of the Bag’em team. Their experience of the modern match scene has helped play an invaluable part in the development of this unbeatable range of baits.

RG Baits - Palatable, Digestible and Nutritional Carp Bait
Blended from a selection of excellent palatable, digestible and nutritional carp bait ingredients, sourced from what we believe to be the highest quality ingredient suppliers around the world! RG's products with out doubt have every box ticked where quality and consistency is concerned and what's more they prove irresistible to the fish, we let the results do the talking!..........Welcome to RGBaits 

Tyram Fisheries
Tyram Carp syndicate
Tyram Match Lake
Tyram Horseshoe Lake
Tyram 01302 840886
Tyram fisheries, doncaster
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