Chateau Lake, France


Since 1998 we have been travelling regularly to 'Etang de la Poiteviniere' or as we know it 'Chateau Lake' a very mature 180-acre estate lake situated in the Loire Atlantique region of France. Whether you have been fishing in France before or you are just thinking about fishing over the water for the first time then look no further, Chateau is an excellent water for first timers as almost every person catches. Once you have been you will want to return as many of our anglers do year after year.

The fish in the lake are still growing at an immense rate, 1998 was a good year with a new lake record of 57lbs+, and during 1999 there were numerous 20, 30, and 40lb fish caught. In 2000 we experienced more upper 30lb and 40lb fish on our trips. Approx one in four fish being over 30lb and average weights of 25lbs. In 2003 we saw much more 40lb plus carp landed by anglers on our trips than any other year and one in three of the carp landed being over 30lb. In 2008 we have seen many of our anglers have 50lb plus carp and we believe there are a lot more to come.

We run trips from March to October and have found the spring and autumn periods to be very productive, but we have caught quantities of fish right through the year, with not many repeat captures and those that are there weight was up generally by 4 to 5lbs. As there are no records of the fish that went into the lake we have no doubt there are some more surprises in store for us in the future.


We offer the complete carp fishing package with 2 meals a day included if required. Trips depart on a Friday and after an overnight crossing with cabin we dock at the picturesque port of 'St Malo' were within only a 2 hour journey the forest surrounded banks of chateau lake awaits, we stop at the supermarket on the way so you can buy a few things to make your stay more comfortable. You then have 7 nights fishing in your selected swim and we make our way home the following Saturday.

We have limited spaces for 2-week trips

We take all of the hassle out of fishing abroad. No worries about driving abroad, Simply get your tackle to 'Tyram Fisheries' in Doncaster then sit down and relax by dinner time the next day you will have your rods out and waiting. Guest chairs and bed chairs are also supplied.

This is NOT just another English-run lake of which there are now hundreds. This is true big water carping, a total and unique experience in its self at a venue that is 100% unspoilt natural beauty. The scenery is simply breathtaking and nobody can fail to be moved by the lakes striking beauty. The carp match the surroundings for beauty and spectacular condition, and the whole Chateau experience is one of total peace and tranquillity, broken only by the screaming of a sounder box in your ear!

Take a look at our website, and you will be able to find all the information you need including a map of the lake. (coming soon individual swim pictures) We will be regularly updating this site with catch reports and updated galleries and if you fancy catching fish like never before you will find all of our available dates in the 'booking info' section, also check back regularly as we sometimes have late / cancellation bookings at special prices.

Once again thank you for visiting our site, if there is any more information you require please don't hesitate to Contact us.