Service's available at the Lake

After arriving at St Malo, you will take a 2hr drive to the Lake with a stop off a a local Super U, where you can stock up on any items you want for your stay at the lake.

This is not the only time you will be able to shop as we go shopping every other day and you are welcome to come along with us.


When we arrive at the lake the residential French and English speaking manager Christine will meet us in the car park to meet all who is Fishing. For new anglers a list of rules will be handed to them and they must be kempt on there person at all time as well as a catch report form, this is purley to see how the fish are getting on and for our records/catch reports.


On site for anglers use only is a double shower block, fully working toilets, phone charge points and the use of a chest freezer for ice blocks which is situated at the first car park. If you have brought or ordered bait then you can use our personal chest freezer to store any bait you want. Boilies and Hemp are available through out the year. The main cooking and meeting point is located on peg 14 half way down the public bank. If we are using the point side of the lake then the cook house is situated centrally to all pegs. 

Information / Methods used at the Lake​

Pegs 1 - 19

Peg 1,The best features from this peg are the over hanging trees from the far side at about 80 yards, fish have been caught many times from here, using small to medium amounts of bait. Also not to be overlooked is the walk way to the showers as many Carp are seen going under this to the small bay in the summer months at a range of 30 yards. Single hook baits (Boilies) with pva bags of pellet, or even tiger nuts have been known to be the best bait options here. Located in the first Car park.


Pegs 2 - 5,Although there are not realy any features to cast to these few pegs offer more deeper water than the rest of the lake ranging from 8 - 16 feet in places, there are some gravel spots around 80 yards in front, fishing to the edge of this can prove to be a winner. Also fishing at around 80 - 100 yards with a nice bed of bait will produce some good catches. Again single hook baits or Tiger nuts. Located in first Carp Park and the start of the forrest.


Pegs 6 - 8,These pegs are a good bet for intercepting Carp going from one end of the lake to the other as they are located within a chanel which has the island infront. Fishing to ranges of 80 - 110 yards with a good bed of bait will hold fish in these locations, with depths around 12 feet. Also not to be missed are the margins as on a number of occations fish have been seen to be wondering close in under the over hanging trees. Boilies and Tigers are again the best method. Located half way into the forrest.


Pegs 9 and 10,These pegs at times can be over looked even though they can produce some very good catches. Peg 9 faces NE and is fished into open water at depths around 10 - 12 feet. good beds of bait will entice the fish to move into this peg. Peg 10 is located more to the bay at Car Park 2, although at times it can be hard fishing, it can also be 1 of the better pegs for that stretch, if strong winds blowing into the bay it will be the holder of a large number of Carp, also in the summer months carp can be seen in numbers sun bathing close in to the margins, as when its spawning time they also spend weeks within the bay as the weed holds them there.


Peg 11 - 13,These pegs have been known for catches in excess of 20 - 40 fish per week with lots of big fish catches. Fishing at ranges of 80 - 110 yards with a good offering of bait will pull the fish in and has been known to hold fish within these 3 pegs for a number of days. But please note that on occasions you may be waiting a couple of days for the fish to move in. Best methods found are boilies with around 10 - 15 spods of bait over each rod. Also casting a lead as far as possible with an high attract bait and no free offerings can work well too.

Peg 14 - 16,These pegs are fished heavily throughout the season and the fish know it, with large amounts of bait being put in the catch rate in this area can range from around 30 - 50 fish per person in a week. Pegs 14-15  are range pegs, fishing from 80-110 yards but if you can go further then do so, as you are located in the middle of the widest part of the lake, fishing 2 rods together on a bed of bait and 1 that little further, and the 4th as far as possible using markers along the far side tree line.Peg 16 is known as 1 of the best pegs on the lake producing big fish and lots of fish at not long ranges, left 2 rods are placed around 80 - 90 yards over a good bed of bait, whilst the 3rd straight in front towards the point swims. The 4th rod can be placed around 40 - 60 yards out slightly to the right of the peg where a nice table top size area of gravel can be found and is known to hold lots of good fish. Although you could be waiting a day or two the results can be tiring, as anglers are known to have around 8 - 12 fish a night with multiple runs. Boilies and tigers have been most productive for these pegs.


Pegs 17 - 18, Swing further round to the right and are set further back into the woods so casting distance is a must as you are having to reach past those lower number pegs which are sat further forward.For 17 and 18 fishing at ranges from 90 - 120 yards is the best  with good catches and big fish weights coming to these, also peg 18 in the spawning season offers good sport as the carp are closer to the margins. Boilies being the best method with good beds of bait to keep a hold of those fishing moving away from the nature reserve.


Peg 19,This is the last peg along this bank and can produce large numbers of fish to those who are willing to wade, as this peg has lots of choices of where to fish. Throughout  the season at around 90 yards on the right there is a large bay which the fish are known to visit all the time, as you look further to the left you willl see the hides and putting a lead towards these is very productive as the fish are always holding up around them. Then if you can get the range cast 1 towards the second hide in. Tigers have been known to work very well down here due to the heavy amounts of silt, although dont forget the boilies as they also are a good source in catching large numbers. On this peg it is also ideal that you wade to get into these spots as the distance to cast is further than any others on the lake, the wading limit is 20 meters. In the peak of the summer and spawning has started you will be amaized at the amout of fish you will see within 10 yards of the platform as this peg is 1 of the most used areas for the Carp to spawn. Expect sleepless nights with the fish constantly hitting the lines and on a good note whilst the fish are there you can expect catches of 10 - 15 through the day and maybee more on the night.