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Island Lake

The Island Lake is the first lake you come to on the complex, this Lake holds a very high head of Carp from 3 to 20lb. There are approx 40 pegs on the lake with an island running straight down the middle. There are many features with overhanging trees to the island and many margin features from pads,reeds and overhanging trees. From pegs 1 to 20 you are looking at depths from 3 to 12ft, whilst pegs 21 to 40 are more platform with depths from 2 to 8ft. The lake it self is a great all rounder for all anglers. With method feeder tight to island to pellet waggler half way across all way down to fishing the margins.. This lake is a big hit with Match men due to the size the Carp go.


                    FISH STOCK: Carp 3lb to 20lb,

                                             Tench 2lb to 9lb,

                                             Bream to 6lb,

                                             Roach up to 2lb

Horseshoe Lake

Day ticket Carp & Pike Lake

Day ticket Carp and Pike lake is now open, with 10 large pegs surrounding the centre spit. There is a large head of Carp from low double to mid 20's. This lake is already known for being a great runs water with lads catching in excess of 35+ carp in 24hr session. Booking is essential for any angler wanting to do nights, if you wish to fish on a day ticket you must call in cafe before going down.

As well as Carp there is also a good head of Pike to be had with the best so far being 29lb 4oz and average of 5 to 10+ pike can be had throughout the day. 


Day £10.00, 2 rod max

24 hr £20.00, 2 rod max.

Syndicate Carp Lake


This pond is the largest running full length of the site and only having 19 fishable pegs. It has seen many Carp match's over the years with our Celebrity pairs match to the well known "BCAC" and the B.C.C.  This is a Members only water with no day tickets allowed and a waiting list is in place for those specimen anglers wanting to join. This lake has many features form raised bars to deep holes, consisting of 2 islands, lots of pads and reeds and with weedy areas along the old road and shallow bars. All in all a carp anglers dream, with lots of margin fishing and bar work. There is a large head of Carp within the lake from high doubles all the way to high 30's, and a possibility of a 40lb and also with "Baby Baz" coming out at 52lb 6oz to the start of the 2019 season. For more info regards this lake you need to either call or pop down and see us where you can put your name on a waiting list.  

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