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​We offer anglers a wide range of choices, whether it's  Match fishing, Pleasure fishing or you simply want the chance to net yourself a PB Carp or Pike. Also on offer are our yearly trips out to the Chateau Lake in France.


Tyram for many years now have been family run who also have many yeas of angling backgrounds. We have made many changes to the lakes over the years which has mostly been put to the anglers, so we could create a venue which they want to be a part of. We carry out an extensive stocking program at the end of every year to ensure stock levels are kept high. We have seen Match weights reach into the 300lb+ region, whilst Pleasure anglers may have seen more. The Syndicate Lake is know for many great and well known fish to high 30's with a chance of a couple 40lb+ and now the New record Baby Baz at 52lb. Also held up in the Members lake and Horseshoe Lake are many large Pike reaching to there low 30's.

Tyram Fisheries
Tyram Fisheries
Tyram Carp syndicate
Tyram Match Lake
Tyram Horseshoe Lake
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Tyram fisheries, doncaster
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